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Have fun browsing through my brain children. Please note that magic lives with the secret - therefore tricks, DVDs and manuscripts are non-returnable. Thanks for your understanding!

Recording LIVE Mentalism Workshop 2020 - only $ 17,-


Get direct access to the recording of my LIVE mentalism workshop 2020. The workshop lasts almost three hours, and you will receive a free workbook to use during the event, and I will even share an ingenious way to make your act more professional, artistic, and emotional. This detailed explanation alone will save you literally thousands of dollars for similar systems on the market. 

In addition, you will learn exclusive tricks and methods I have never shared before in any lecture, proven ways to earn up to 1.000 dollars extra with each show, and so much more… I will even give you free templates with the workbook to create an amazing act from scratch following really easy instructions.

​Get ready to take your magic and mentalism to the next level!

THE DWARFS – Digital Download
$ 34.95

Experience one of the most baffling and entertaining mentalism routines out there. Finally available as an instant download!

Stefan Olschewski’s original act “The Dwarfs” took him around the world, thrilling people with his unique sense of humor and truly amazing effects. On this unique DVD, Stefan explains his complete FISM act in great detail – nothing is held back. Now you will be able to perform the act everybody was talking about.

EGGstremely Dangerous 2.0 - eBook -
$ 10.-

The new, extended 2017 edition of Stefan's take on the classic nail roulette done with a raw egg that is about to be poured onto the spectators head! Suspense and comedy go hand in hand in this hilarious mentalism routine. NO RISK - BUT LOTS OF FUN! Available now for instant download. Get it now.

$ 24.99

In this 56 page ebook, you will find lots of content from his professional repertoire. Nothing is held back. In his lecture notes, Stefan even shares an exclusive idea that got him standing ovations when he did his lecture in Austria, something that has never happened before in the 35 years history of the respective club. Lots of food for thought by one of Germany's top mentalists! Available for instant download.

MES(S)MERIZE - eBook -
$ 20.-

This is much more than just a mental effect. Mes(s)merize by Stefan Olschewski is a brand-new application of an ingenious principle that enables you to make your act more vivid, personal and interactive. Your audience will experience an ULTRA CLEAN prediction of RANDOM thoughts that involves every single spectator and plays huge even on the largest stage. Top mentalists from all over the world already love "Mes(s)merize". Available for instant download.

$ 49.95

Get to know one of Germany’s top mentalists and multi-award winner with this amazing 2-DVD-set. MENTALITIES by Stefan Olschewski presents a complete show, filmed in front of a live audience. Experience a new way of mentalism. No boring revelations or pseudo mysterious patter – just creative and highly visual, professional effects that will blow your mind! Get ready to step inside of Stefan Olschewski's mind.

$ 10.-

Stefan Olschewski took the old ACAAN premise and turned it into a 5 minute performance piece that plays great in any setting, from close up to stage. And it will fool even magicians! Two spectators select a playing card and a number from 1 to 52 in the fairest manner. They may even change their minds as often as they wish. A lady takes a deck of cards from a wooden chest on a table, deals through the cards and finds the selected card exactly at the selected number. 


Stefan Olschewski's variation on the Technicolor Prediction. Three envelopes, a completely free choice, nothing to add or take away, no ambiguous statements. And still you apparently influence the choices of two randomly selected audience members. You will even get Stefan’s original patter that will have them rolling on the floor laughing. Now available including all neccessary props, written instructions and a video link to the full performance so you can learn the patter interactively and start performing this little gem right away!

BALLS - eBook -
ONLY $ 5.-

A method in mentalism so bold you will never believe it works – unless you have the balls! So what exactly is “BALLS”? Basically it is a no-budget version of the famous Master Prediction System, that everybody loves but only the pros are able to afford. That is, until now... Available for instant download

$ 5.-

This variation of the classic sandwich effect offers everything a truly magical piece needs: a great plot, a visual, impossible climax - and the handling will even fool magicians. One of the highlights of Stefan's highly acclaimed lecture. Available for instant download.

CRAZY PREDICTION deluxe - Instant Download - ONLY $ 6.-

An easy, small mental effect to take with you wherever you go. Entertaining and just a little bit different. Includes 20 minutes of detailed explanations and a free bonus effect!

PIERROT - The Download -
$ 25.-

One of the most charming parlor and stage routines from Stefan Olschewski’s professional repertoire is finally available for download! Now you can get this exceptional routine at a bargain! This download package contains everything:

  • Professionally produced one-hour lecture video

  • performance video shot in front of a live audience

  • 2 audio files with royalty-free music especially composed for this routine

  • Detailed PDF manuscript

  • Additional bonus video files with practice tips

  • Official certificate

WHAT'S IN A NAME - eBook -

A spectator (freely!) selects a playing card as her lucky card and is also asked for the initials of her first love (no force!). The initials are written on a piece of paper and the lucky card is signed by the lady. The paper is placed onto the card and suddenly bursts into flames. When the lady turns over her lucky card, she finds that the initials of her first love have appeared on the back of her lucky card! The card can be left with the lady as a memorable souvenir. Available for instant download.

$ 5.99

A spectator takes any number of cards from a shuffled deck. He puts the remaining cards back into the case and hands it to the magician. Without even looking at it, the magician weighs the card case in his hands. He is immediately able to tell the exact number of cards that are in the spectator’s pocket. No fishing, no stooges, no calculating, nothing to remember. Easy to do! Available for instant download.

$ 10.-

Do you have the perfect brain? Now you do! Have them call out random digits and write them on the backs of a deck of playing cards. Fan the cards in front of you for only 5-10 seconds to remember the sequence. You are ready to go: At lightning speed, and blindfolded, you run through the numbers on the backs of the cards in the exact order they have been called out! Can be done impromptu, no stooges, no forces, no calculating!

$ 25.-

If you have ever been in a situation where your luggage gets lost, all shops are closed and you suddenly need to do a full mentalism show with nothing but the stuff you might find in your hotel room, "LOST LUGGAGE" is the answer. A FULL ACT that will fool your audience and fill the stage. Available for instant download.

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